You Need To Know All About Bharni Madhubani Paintings

Bharni Madhubani Paintings

Bharni Madhubani Paintings are commonly found in Bihar, India and are one of the best means of decorating any wall or the ceilings of your house. In spite of being extremely popular, there are not many people who know about Bharni Madhubani Paintings and why they need to be installed in their homes or offices.

All About Bharni Madhubani

Bharni was born in Mithila, India and grew up in her father’s Shiv Mandir which is a traditional Indian temple. She was raised surrounded by art from an early age and cites that as one of the reasons why she became a painter. As an adult, she painted for many years before getting her first exhibition in 1953 at Bhartiya Kala Kendra (Indian Institute of Art) in Delhi.

5 Reasons Bharni Madhubani Paintings

5 reasons why you need to know all about Bharni Madhubani paintings

An artist from the region, Bharni Madhubani has created some of the most beautiful paintings that we have today. This article will give you some knowledge about Bharni Madhubani Paintings so that you can appreciate her work better and know about her life story in detail. Let’s get started! Here are 5  reasons why you need to know all about Bharni Madhubani paintings today!

Signature style | Bharni Madhubani Paintings

While paintings, murals and calligraphy are all artistic mediums, they each have a signature style that lends itself to different uses. For example, if you want a painting that looks traditional but appeals to Western sensibilities, you’ll want to pick an artist who focuses on impressionism. If you’re planning on using your piece as part of a home décor scheme or office setting, contemporary artwork may be more appropriate.

Women Empowerment

In today’s world, women are gradually gaining respect as independent and capable human beings. They are on their way to carve a niche for themselves in every sphere of life including professional lives. Women artists have taken pride in playing an important role in society by portraying their thoughts through art. They have proved that they do not need men around them to make progress. Their love for art knows no limits; hence they create paintings which spread messages of love, harmony and peace to all corners of the world.

Studying her works

Her paintings are like heavenly landscapes on a dry canvas. They give us glimpses of nature’s beauty that bring in awe and inspiration. If you’re wondering what it is about Bharni Madhubani paintings that makes them so special.

Inspiration in her art

Bharni’s work is inspired by abstract lines and shapes, figures, feathers and birdcages. This approach makes her paintings highly imaginative. The strokes used in her pieces are very strong and bold which form a geometric design of patterns. Through her works, she can create a wide array of vivid effects with vibrant colors such as orange red, blue gray etc. that result in beautiful finishes full of life with flat color blocks at times but with 3D elements too. Bharni Madhubani paintings make for stunning artworks in any home or even work space within any organization that is looking for some unique additions for their walls and spaces.

How do you spot a fake?

While it’s difficult to spot an original from a fake, there are a few things you can look for. First, use common sense: If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Second, check that information on provenance is verifiable. A reputable gallery will never sell anything without knowing its history and will often have records of previous owners. In case they don’t have any way of checking those records (and they claim they do), ask yourself why not? Is it because they don’t want anyone digging up information that might cast doubt on their claim? Finally, make sure you’re buying from a registered art dealer—this provides legal protection in case anything goes wrong with your purchase.

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